Bestselling Author, Andrea Yvette is back!

Diva in the House! Diva in the House!

Quill’s Edge is back with an exclusive interview with bestselling Author/Poet, Andrea Yvette!

Andrea Yvette

This talented author took time out of her busy schedule discuss her new book, Empty Spaces; a collection of poems that offer a refreshing take on the human experience.

Empty Spaces Cover

Yvette’s collection of poems is in a word…. Awesome! Andrea Yvette displays a unique talent of harnessing the essence of pleasure and pain with such style and grace. Every page is a gem. Every poem is a symphony all its own.

Quill’s Edge: Thank you for joining us Andrea.

Andrea Yvette: Wow! Thanks for the intro! It’s great to be back!

Quill’s Edge: Everyone on staff here at Quill’s Edge loved your book Lounge Time Stories.lounge time stories

Now you’re back with this awesome collection of poems called Empty Spaces. Our Editor and Chief tells us that you had your book launch party.  How was it?

Andrea Yvette: Fantastic! We had a great turn out! We also collected bottled water for the residents in Flint Michigan.

Quill’s Edge: Awesome! Giving back to the community and celebrating your new book. Win win for all involved!

Andrea Yvette: Thanks. I think that if you are blessed to have a platform, you need to use it wisely. Giving back is like breathing to me. Not only is it the right thing to do, sometimes it is the only thing we can do.

Quill’s Edge: Now Quill’s Edge has a vast readership that includes veteran authors and those currently on their journey to publication. So tell us, what constitutes good writing?

Andrea Yvette:  What constitutes good writing to me?  Material that immediately grabs my attention keeps it and leaves me satisfied.  I love material that is unique in content and character.

Quill’s Edge: Do you have a specific writing style?

 Andrea Yvette: I strive to be unique and non-stereotypical.  I strive for vivid expressions and a multi-faceted story line.

Quill’s Edge: What do you as an author and a poet find particularly challenging?

 Andrea Yvette:   I find it challenging to gain the support of The Black Woman.

Quill’s Edge: What gets you in the mood to write?

 Andrea Yvette: What gets me in the writing mood?   Every time I hear one of my readers say “I couldn’t put it down!”

Quill’s Edge: So what’s up next for you; any appearances or book tour info?

Andrea Yvette: On February 19, 2016 (yes, tonight!) I’m sharing the mike with some way talented folks over at the Battiste Lafleur Galleria.

These entrepreneurs are from Kingstree, SC and have the only black-owned flower shop here in Central Ohio. Once a month they have an open mike event. Check them out! Beautiful floral arrangements for any occasion!


Quill’s Edge:  Here that people? Head over to Battiste Lafleur Galleria to hear the soulful poetry of Andrea Yvette. The show starts at 7pm. Come on out and support this fantastic lady and the folks over at Battiste Lafleur Galleria!  Thank you for joining us Andrea. Before you go,  tell the Quill’s Edge fans out there how to get their own copy of Empty Spaces?

Andrea Yvette: They can email me at:


Quill’s Edge: All right writer and readers you got it? Now go get your copy!

Empty Spaces Cover

Launching a book? Interested in the mechanics of writing? Looking for that bit of encouragement to get you through those rejections letters? Stop by Quill’s Edge and ‘spill some  tea’. Let us help you toot your own horn while picking up some great tips on writing.



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