A Letter From Yesay


She folded the pages. Some were old . . . stained with tears and time. Others were a pale pink . . . the color of hope, scented with lavender and regrets. It was hello. It was goodbye and the fathoms of memory that dwell in between.

Murder mystery writer Garin Carter surrounds herself with shadows and secrets for a living. But when the mystery leaves the page and puts her life and others at risk, can she trust a stranger with an unspeakable or will the contents of the letter seal her fate?

Multimillionaire Alex Mathews has the world at his fingertips when a letter arrives. Will its contents rip at the very fabric of his existence or will it bring him a happiness he’s never known?
Praise for Stephanie Freeman and A Letter from Yesay!

“Sometimes happiness is forged from adversity and A Letter from Yesay, by Stephanie Freeman, illustrates this perfectly. The book has an undertone of suspense and danger that heightens its overall enjoyment. The plot is multilayered and readers will enjoy a story that provides more than the average straight-forward, contemporary romance.” –Romance in Color

Stephanie Freeman’s intense, emotional storytelling grabs and holds reader interest from the first sentence of Letter From Yesay, and by the time the story was finished, I felt almost wrung out from having experienced so many emotions. I loved this story of a powerful friendship between two fascinating young women, Garin and Yesay, and the powerful, yet gentle man who proves himself worthy of winning Garin’s love. -K. King
I don’t think there is a romantic suspense fan alive who would be able to read
the prologue to “A Letter from Yesay” without wanting to immediately devour the
rest of the book. That’s what I did. Author Stephanie Freeman has nailed both
the “romance” half and the “suspense” half of her genre with this compelling
story of a young woman whose life has gone off the rails and the devoted friend
and long-estranged brother who meet trying to sort out exactly what happened to
her.- P. Bird
Stephanie Freeman’s character studies run deep and clear, a river of souls. This
fast-paced romantic suspense novel is filled with heartbreaking drama,
gut-wrenching action, and, ultimately, with a profound and timeless love. The
lives of former football great Alex and college professor Garin crash together
after the death of Yesay, Alex’s sister and Garin’s best friend. Their initial
meeting after Yesay’s untimely demise is intense, sensual, and poignant, but
Garin holds a secret close to her heart; despite all evidence to the contrary,
she is convinced Yesay was murdered. Determined to find the killer, she tries to
keep Alex at a distance, even as she raises her godchild and Alex’s niece,
Brianna. But Alex knows he had found the only woman in the world for him, and he
fights to make Garin and Brianna his family, his life. I won’t spoil the
reader’s pleasure by saying anything more, except… buy this novel and enjoy
the ride!- D. Cordes

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