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October 13, 2014
The weather here is dreary, misty…. just the way Stephanie likes it when she writes!

Its been a while, but only because Stephanie is working on so many projects. She just re-released Yesay. Then, top top it off she released Midnight Son all I can say it Powerful.

Still blows my mind. I met this quiet woman with a skein or two of yarn in her lap three years ago never thinking that in that labryrinth of a brain of hers is this author that ensnares you from page one.

And then, there’s her pseuodonym Aracyne Kelly and her story Peculiar Kindness. Inspirational fiction at its finest!

All I can say it that there is no stopping Stephanie Freeman. She may be a quiet storm, but she is a fantastic one!

September 2, 2014
Stephanie recently signed a new publisher, Entangled Publishing.
In 2015 the beginning of Freeman’s dark, sensual series, Necessary Evil will be re-released under the Entangled Publishing Imprint Ignite!

Stephanie is writing a new installment from Necessary Evil the series. All I can say is I read the first couple of pages and the book is explosive!

Stephanie is preparing another book signing with lots of surprises. If you haven’t pick up your copy do so ASAP! Powerful, powerful book about a cold case 300 years in the making. Something else survived the Middle Passage.

June 24,2014

The Dawning of a New Age!

Stephanie Freeman just pinned a contract with the illustrious Publishing House Entangled- Ignite!!!!

If dark compelling stories are what you’re looking for; get ready. A pitch blackness like no other is coming…. a cache of new and decadently dangerous characters are moving to Shadow Bay Maryland. Each new tale is the hearts blood that could only flow from the twisted thorn… the pen of Stephanie Freeman!

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year Author Nation!

  • Stephanie want’s to wish each and every one of her friends, family and fans an awesome New Year! At the moment, Stephanie is on the mend. She was involved in a car accident before the holidays and while her injuries were extensive, she is not without a smile and genuine enthusiasm to get back to writing and sharing her love of the craft with fellow authors and her beloved fans.

Necessary Evil and Nature of the Beast Collector’s Items?

  • If you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s first two installments in her Necessary Evil Series, you better act fast. (Before the accident) Stephanie was in the process of creating an unabridged versions of Necessary Evil and Nature of the Beast !  The first paperbacks in this dark, sensual series are fading fast. Kindle versions aren’t far behind. Get your copies ASAP!




November 5, 2013

Well the year has flown by and Stephanie is hard at work per usual working on not one but five, count them FIVE new titles for her collection of books that she is now referring to as the Shadow Bay Chronicles ! Below are just a few highlights from the past year.

  • Stephanie is the CEO of her own publishing company! Later on this year, she will launch a major marketing campaign!  This campaign will host a special book reveal as well as a website that features information on the company, the lines of books she will publish and Ask an Author advice forum  and submission guidelines for aspiring authors!
  • At last, at long last, Shadow Bay Memories, Stephanie’s exclusive crochet boutique will hit the web!
  • Stephanie has more surprises coming up in the next few weeks including some tantalizing book excerpts from her new work !

Stay Tuned!


  • Stephanie will be one of the featured authors at the African American Author’s Book Expo!
  • Stephanie will be at the Baltimore Book Festival in September!
  • Stephanie is in talks with some local coffee houses to host a monthly book talk!

Dates and times will be announced in the next few days.

News !!!!


Hey there faithful readers! Stephanie’s been super busy all week, but she wanted me to drop by and tell you about some pretty awesome things that happened to her this week.

  • Becky Flade, fellow author extraordinaire just loved the book Necessary Evil. She posted an awesome review on her website on Tuesday of this week. The link is below:

  • Stephanie is working on a new book!
  • Stephanie has two new books   finished and waiting for the green light for publication!

Stay tuned people! Stephanie has more surprises up her sleeve!


Team Stephanie is at it again!! Her first four books will be on sale all month! Pick up your copies today!


The news just keeps getting better and better for Team Stephanie!

Stephanie was just featured AGAIN in USA Today for her latest book, Unfinished Business! This makes the third time for Stephanie in the Happy Ever After Section of this national newspaper!

  • Stephanie was featured on the Crimson Romance Blog an article called, “What Happens Next?”  It is an excellent article about the road she traveled to publication.

  • Stephanie was also featured in Luscious Literaries

When you get a chance, go to Stephanie’s Pinterest page. You can really get a feel for the new villans and some of the inspiration for some of her most memorable characters!


The Long Anticipated Sequel to Necessary Evil is here!

Unfinished Business the sequel to Necessary Evil hit stores today and already Stephanie has two 5- star reviews!!!!

And she’s not done….word has it Stephanie is back in her writer’s studio working on more books!

Talk about  knocking it out of the park!


April showers bring May flowers and new and exciting updates about Team Stephanie!

Happy Anniversary Stephanie!!!!

June 4th Stephanie will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary as a published author. Hard to believe. I know. The woman is prolific. Every time I think she’s finished with a book, she’s already halfway through writing another one. How she manages to teach, write, read and review other author’s work and crochet some beautiful baby blankets and shawls is beyond me.

Shadow Bay Memories Update

Stephanie hasn’t forgotten about Shadow Bay Memories, her exclusive boutique. Give her a few more weeks and you are going to see some fantastic creations inspired by the many colorful characters in her books! Stephanie gave away some of her beautiful crocheted shawls to five very lucky fans that  came out to help her celebrate at the Pratt!

At Last: The Sequel to Necessary Evil!

We are T Minus 1 month and counting.  Unfinished Business,  the long anticipated sequel to Necessary Evil Hits Stores on June 10th.  Mark your calendars!  Be on the lookout for some exciting web events and local parties to celebrate the arrival of this awesome… Did I say AWESOME book! Check out the sneak peek on the front page!

Events: Come Out and Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie’s publicist,  is working on more book talks and guest appearances at some  of the local venues in the Baltimore Area. We’ll keep you posted.


Stephanie’s  back at the Pratt!!!!

The Tenth Annual CityLit Festival is here!  Come out and see Stephanie at  the Enoch Pratt Free Library- Central Branch on Cathedral Street. Stephanie will be featured along with many other regional authors in  the Literary Market place  from 10am-5pm!


Stephanie got an awesome fan letter and she gave me permission to share it here…. In fact,  Stephanie gave her publicist permission to post some of her favorites under a new page called…. you guessed it fan mail!

Dear Stephanie, I was at the library last night,  you were just enchanting.   Your presentation/dramatization  was wonderful;  but  not only do you spin a good tale,  you can weave a mean piece of yarn.   I won one of the raffle prizes  (the beautiful olive-green shawl)!!!   I would love to join the knitting/crocheting class.  I have tried to learn several times in the past, but it just wouldn’t click.  I’ll bet you could teach me.

But most of all thanks for sharing yourself and  your wonderful stories.  My sister is the one who reads all the books.    I may or may not read the book,  I just like to know everything and keep up with what’s  going on  ( I am one of those types).  We are both very busy ladies and have family and other responsibilities,  as I know that you  can understand.

Anyway continue on my sister!!!  Love to see a talented black woman, with class and dignity, and nice too.




Stephanie’s debut book signing party was FANTASTIC!  They stopped counting when the reached 80 people and they still kept coming. Most if not all of the guests had purchased a copy of either one or all of Stephanie’s books in electronic form, but then they went a step further and purchased the book in paperback!. There were dance performances and vocal performances and they Stephanie graced the stage in a beautiful black ensemble and she spoke about the characters in her books.  All I can say was that it was electrifying!

The audience LOVED her! She was only supposed to speak for 30 minutes. Stephanie ended up talking for an hour then stayed behind to talk with her fans and sign copies of  her books.

The very next day, Northwood library was flooded with calls thanking Head Librarian Sylvia Coker for bring Stephanie to The Pratt.

It was just an amazing celebration all around. Stephanie is on her way everybody!


Stephanie’s at it again! This is one  busy, busy writer! Check out her latest interview!



Stephanie just finished her first interview across the pond! That’s right, Stephanie just finished an interview with the British Media!


We’re coming down to the wire! Plans are underway for Stephanie’s first book signing. I will make sure to put  the official invitation on her website in the coming weeks. We are hard at work to make sure that this booking signing is very special for Stephanie.   We are trying to keep things under wraps, but knowing Stephanie, she probably had a few surprises up her sleeve as well.


The news just keeps getting better and better for team Stephanie!

  • Stephanie was one of many authors featured in a article on new romantic suspense!
  • Stephanie’s books will be featured in a Huge promotion for Women’s Day magazine!
  • Stephanie was interviewed by Authors to Watch!

 Interview Links:


As promised, Stephanie’s third book, A Letter from Yesay (pronounced ee say) .  Hits stores today!

Although we love all of Stephanie’s work, as Stephanie’s publicist and one of her biggest fans, this book  is my personal favorite. She did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of what female friendships are all about. The  recent Ravens win makes her  hero,  a football legend even sexier!

Go Baltimore! Go Ravens! Go Stephanie!!!!!!!


As this year draws to a close and 2013 is thundering under the floorboards, Stephanie’s publicist is on a mission.

  • Two New books will be launched including the sequel to Necessary Evil!
  • More blog hops
  • Meet the author book club meetings
  • More books signings
  • More contests and giveaways
  • The Grand Opening of Shadow Bay Memories!


Stephanie would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

‘May this joyous season bring you all the happiness your hearts can hold and then some!’


Guess who mas mentioned in USA Today!


Stephanie would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. When asked what she was most thankful for this year, Stephanie had this to say:

This year has been filled with wonderful opportunities. There are so many things to be thankful for from a practical sense.  When I see my books in print, I am just overwhelmed. I am thankful for Crimson Romance, my publishing company for taking a chance on a maverick writer with an atypical love story to tell. I am also grateful to my fans. Without you reading the books and believing in the vision… well. I may have won your hearts, but you won mine as well.”


Coming Soon!

  • Book Trailers for Necessary Evil and Nature of the Beast!

New Book Release  News:

  • Stephanie’s third book, “A Letter from Yesay” (pronounced ee-say) is scheduled for release on February 2013!
  • The sequel to Necessary Evil is scheduled for release in June 2013!

At Last: Stephanie’s Big Book Signing Party!!!

What are your plans for March 2013? Yup you guessed it! Stephanie’s publicist is working with the Enoch Pratt Free Library to host a book signing celebration for Stephanie.  Invitations and the like are forthcoming!

Hurricane Sandy and Her Shenanigans!

Due to Hurricane Sandy’s impromptu visit to the region, Stephanie’s publicist had to cancel her Greetings and Readings book signing,

Quill’s Edge:

  • Stephanie will be featuring fresh fiction talent on her blog , Quill’s Edge. details later.

Yarn Divas:

  • Stephanie’s Knit and crochet class is in the process of gathering hats and gloves for a local shelter for women and children.

National Novel Writing Month update:

  • Stephanie is five thousand words into a new book!


  • Stephanie was featured in an e-book promo in conjunction with her book Nature of the Beast  is on sale for 1.99  until November 10th. Grab a copy or gift one to your favorite romantic suspense fanatic!
  • As part of the promotion, Stephanie was featured in  the romance recipes blog. Simply click on the link below:


Necessary Evil The Sequel News:

  • Stephanie just signed the contract for the sequel to Necessary Evil!

National Novel Writing Month News

  • Stephanie will be one of many writers that will represent Maryland during National Novel Writing Month! Who knows? By Nov. 30th, we could be  looking at a new novel from Stephanie!
  • Stephanie would love to hear from you as she works on this new venture. Drop her a line or two!



  • Stephanie just signed the contract for her third book. The title is still under wraps. Details later.

Necessary Evil: The Sequel News…

  • The sequel to Necessary Evil is in Stephanie’s publisher’s hands.  Could we be looking at four books by this talented author in less than a year? Is this writer on fire or what?


What the Heck is Taking So Long with the Book Signing!?!?!?!

Stephanie’s publicist  is finalizing several venues for Stephanie including The Enoch Pratt Free Library-Northwood Branch, Barnes and Noble  near Towsontown Center, Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley and one very special college/ university that’s near and dear to Stephanie’s heart.   I can’t tell you everything, but there will be door prizes  and  an extra special grand prize that even Stephanie doesn’t know about!

How Can I help speed along the process?

Buy Stephanie’s books! Post a review on

Spread the word. That’s how Fifty Shades of Grey flew into the stratosphere!


T Minus 18 hours and counting….. Nature of the Beast will be available for purchase in e-book form on! Stop by tomorrow to send her your well wishes!

Stephanie finished the sequel to Necessary Evil!

Stephanie finished the preliminary edits on another book!


How’s this for prolific?

Stephanie is almost finished with  the sequel to Necessary Evil! (Yep, that’s right! You heard it here first!) She’s also preparing another book for publication. One or both could be  available by Christmas!

Talk About Busy!

Stephanie works with a local charity dedicated to providing   Hand crocheted and  hand knitted hats  and scarves  for  homeless children and adults.

Stephanie also runs a small boutique filled with her hand crocheted/ hand knitted creations. Her website will be up and running in a few short weeks.

In November, Stephanie will be a featured artist in a showcase on handcrafts at the Enoch Pratt Free Library!

Stephanie will also be a guest speaker at several book clubs in the area!


Birthday Wishes!!!

Stephanie Celebrated her birthday in style! She gave away a handcrafted blanket to one of her fans! Stephanie was also treated to a surprise party and lots of lunch and dinner dates with family and friends.


Plans for Stephanie’s Book Signing Party are back on track!

With Necessary Evil now in paperback form and the release of Nature of the Beast,  only a few short weeks away, Stephanie’s publicist and others are planning a major celebration that will include door prizes, giveaways and some awesome grand prizes!

Stay tuned for more details….


Stephanie’s first book, Necessary Evil is available for purchase in physical form!!!! Log in to to make your purchase.

8/20/ 12     Nature of the Beast, Stephanie’s latest novel was just added to the website! Click on the link below:


Stephanie just finished edits on Nature of the Beast. She’s already hard at work on a sequel for another book that she can’t wait to share with her fans!

Stephanie Freeman!/stephanie.freeman.1069



Towson, Maryland– Crimson Romance an imprint of Adams Media and F+W Media Inc. are proud to present novelist, Stephanie Freeman. Her book, Necessary Evil, is available in e-book form with the following vendors:

  • 3M
  •  Apple
  •  GoSpoken
  •  KOBO
  •  OverDrive
  • Scribd
  •  Sony

Necessary Evil is a compelling tale of heartache and redemption. Detective Cassiel Garret suspects the pretty young temp worker knows more about a string of audacious bank robberies and jewel heists than she’s letting on. But there’s something about her, something that all of his training tells him is terribly wrong. An even deeper knowing makes him believe she’s more than a common thief or an accessory to the crimes that are plaguing his hometown. Does he forego all of his training to follow his heart—or will a call to duty win out?

“Ever do something, cop? Something . . . something you don’t like doing but you know you must?”

Her question was simple, but her answer was not. Could he forgive her the unforgivable? Alana Symone will stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves—even the stranger who seems hell-bent on either putting her behind bars or loving her for the rest of her life.

Freeman grew up in a household that thrived on good books. Now she taps that experience in the first of a planned series of books set in the fictitious town of Shadow, Bay Maryland.  Crimson Romance, an imprint of F+W Media Inc. proudly present her first book, Necessary Evil. Freeman book was published on June 4, 2012. Her second book, Nature of the Beast will follow with a release date of October 8, 2012.

Freeman draws from the world around her to come up with plot ideas. “Moral dilemmas are a favorite of mine because they are universal,” the author said. “You just put people together in any kind of semi-permanent way and all kinds of things happen. You discover that people aren’t fully good or bad. They are somewhere in between.”

Stephanie Freeman’s stories explore the darker side of human emotion.  Her stories focus on the heartbreaks and desires of a town steeped in tradition and history; a community that is anything but sleepy and quiet.

After only a few weeks in print, critics and reviewers are praising Freeman’s work as;

“Bold and unapologetic.”

“ Captivating and Heart Wrenching!”

“Gripping and Emotional!”


“Waiting for the sequel!”

With five star reviews and an ever growing fan base behind her, Stephanie Freeman is fast becoming a new voice in American Romantic Suspense Fiction!


July 30th: Nature of the Beast, Stephanie’s second novel will be released on October 8, 2012!

July 3rd: Stephanie  just finished work on a series of short stories that will be published in the near future.

June 28th: A few of Stephanie’s friends threw her a midnight Ebook Release party!  Hardcopies of the book will be available soon. We’ll keep you posted.

June 19th: Stephanie ‘s first interview! Log on to Crimson Romance to discover why she loves romantic suspense!

May 27th: Nature of the Beast, Stephanie’s second novel will hit stores in the fall. Stay tuned to find out other details about the book.

  1. I wish big success to the next chapter in the Stephanie Freeman walk through life. Looking forward to reading the book on summer break and and though it’s hard, I’m not peeking until I have the book in hand! Come on summer break!! Penny Austin

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