Necessary Evil

On the Grey Market, Alana Symone is a priceless  commodity. Deep Web, the internet Black Market considers her  the most dangerous woman alive.  Can hard nosed Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett  figure out her next move or will her ‘Necessary Evil’ kill them both?
Praise for Stephanie Freeman and  Necessary Evil

Stephanie Freeman’s novel, Necessary Evil, kept me on the edge of my seat. What
a compelling, gritty, and suspenseful read! The pace is fast, yet the author has
the unique ability to slow things down for a long moment, creating deep and
perfect studies of her characters. She absolutely nailed her men, particularly
her cop hero, Cassiel. I could see his handsome face, hear the rumble of his
voice, and feel his muscles. As for Julian – he is evil incarnate. I found
myself shivering at his deeds, and wondering how he would meet his well-deserved
end. Stephanie’s women are wonderfully complex, too, from little Monet, whose
smarts belie her innocent sweetness, to Myra, the warm yet bold mama, and, of
course, to her unique heroine Alana. A complex woman with a dark past, Alana
possesses a heart of gold locked inside a body lithe and beautiful, yet deeply
scarred. I found myself cheering her on and hoping she would find her haven. The
ending of this novel made me yearn for more of Cass and Alana’s story, and I was
very happy to learn Ms. Freeman is writing a sequel to this work. I can hardly
wait to read it

                                         -D Cordes

This was a powerful, gritty, terrifyingly absorbing novel. I truly could not put
it down, wanting so badly to understand the heroine. Uncertain if she would turn
out to be worthy of my hope in her goodness, the horror of her plight kept me
wanting to reach out and help. The writing is brilliant, the pace breathless,
the hero as mysterious as he is tenacious, passionate and achingly patient.
Stephanie Freeman gives voice to those caught and suffering within a dark world,
made so much darker by the fact that such evil exists and thrives all too close
to our own cozy homes. Very well done.

                                                                       – K. Brocato

Freeman told a gripping, action packed story filled with brave, honest
characters and poetic, often heart-breaking prose. This is a story of star
crossed lovers that goes above and beyond. Alana has survived a lifetime of
suffering too horrible for most people to even imagine let alone rise above but
instead of becoming hardened, or broken, she puts the well-being of others
first; prepared even to sacrifice her life to protect those for whom she cares
most. While Cass, a police officer tormented by the death of his twin brother,
fights to find a way to keep Alana safe and still walk the line he swore to
defend when he strapped on his badge. The bond they share is more than love but
impossibly dangerous. To say that I was moved by Cass and Alana would be a gross
understatement. Necessary Evil is an emotional roller coaster; a beautiful and
heart-wrenching suspenseful drama that left me with a book hangover [fans of
true romance know the kind of read I’m talking about]. Freeman possesses a rare



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