Unfinished Business: Necessary Evil II

Sex…. Blood… Diamonds.

Far away from the suburbs and beneath the city streets there exists a world dark and deep. The skeletal remains of innocence and justice whither to dust in an atmosphere rank with misery and desperation. Human capital is the “new” oil. Drug cartels are the aristocracy.  Sex, blood and diamonds are the currency of this nation; where hope is a cruel joke and  Necessary Evil isn’t a choice so much as it is a religion.

Alana Symone walked away from that world eight years ago.

Her betrayal has a price.

Praise for Stephanie Freeman and Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business wasn’t my first Stephanie Freeman novel and it won’t be my last. The flow of her writing style alone … poetic, uninhibited, brutally honest … is enough to keep you turning pages. I haven’t read the prequel, Necessary Evil, and never felt like I was missing something or a step behind.
Cass and Alana have an uncommon love. Former FBI Agent and tainted cat burglar who have a pact, `nobody leaves.’ Their bond is as unusual as it is intense. She’s done her time in the big house for her transgressions, but not everyone sees it that way. She’s too valuable to all the wrong people and a game of cat and mouse ensues.
Kidnapping, passion, murder, trust, extortion and forbidden love. Stephanie Freeman knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seat.
                                                                      -T. Muhich
Stephanie Freeman intense and emotional writing style will keep readers turning
the pages in her newest suspense novel, Unfinished Business. This novel brings
readers the next chapter in the lives of Cassiel Garrett, formerly of the FBI
and Alana Symone, former cat burglar, featured in Ms. Freeman’s earlier novel,
Necessary Evil.Alana and Cassiel are happily married and rearing their
two children, even though Alana knows she has enemies all over the world who
know her mysterious talents and who will not allow her to live in peace for very
long, and Cassiel senses this. When Alana disappears, Cassiel knows the worst
has happened and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of her disappearance
and bring her home. As he searches, he learns more than he ever suspected about
his wife and fears she may never want to come home again.
-K. Brocoato
Stephanie Freeman continues the story of Alana and Cass, she a cat burglar and
he an FBI agent, in this tense and complex story of the past which comes back to
claim the unusual couple. Alana is kidnapped so she can retrieve a valuable
gem; her children are endangered; her husband Cassiel learns more about her as
he races to find her than he ever knew in the time they’ve been married. Freeman
keeps the heat on full blast as the search for Alana ranges round the world.
                                                                                     -P. Bird

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